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Mimes and pantomime

As a play, pantomime had its roots in Ancient Greece. Communicating with the world without words - with gestures and mimicking alone – has become, in a way, an elite and worldwide form of art, not limited by any language. Currently, mimes are engaging not only in artistic activities, but they also support promotional and advertising activities.


Mime as a comedian

Job of our mimes is to make audience laugh as often as possible. In addition to comic pantomimic etudes, mimes can also tackle serious topics and even make the audience emotional. Performed hilarious bits effectively draw attention of the participants. The mime will delicately interact with the spectators, who are happy to play the role and engage in etudes.

Profesjonalny mim
Najlepszy mim

Perfect for every occasion

Mimes are finesse decorations of important events, galas, fairs, conferences and even family parties. Vivid imagination will enlighten the atmosphere and funny ideas will catch the eye of the guests and will be long remembered. A photo with a posing mime will be a great souvenir for every guest.

Mim na wesele

The art of pantomime

The art of pantomime is also perfect for viewers with more sophisticated artistic expectations. It requires more commitment and intellect from the public. Creative acting awakens the imagination and intriguing ideas amuse the viewers to tears.

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